We live in a world where people hardly smile. Go out on the streets and you will find many people wearing long faces, looking as though they were carrying all the burden of the world on their shoulders. And why is this so? It’s often because these individuals are grappling with some difficulties in certain areas of their lives. 

The simple fact, however, is that we all have problems. We all have challenges. The challenges and difficulties of life come to us all and are common to us all. None of us has a monopoly on the troubles of life – no matter how convincing some people try to make us believe so by their endless complaining or pitiful look.

What many of us don’t seem to realize is that happiness is a choice and sadness is a choice.

We are not happy or sad because of what happens to us; we are not happy or sad because of what we own – or don’t own; we are happy or sad because we choose to be so. That’s it!

Happiness is actually a cultivated skill. Yes, happiness is a skill. Happy people have problems just as much as sad people do – in fact, I dare say that happy people have far more problems – but the key difference is that happy individuals have learned to master their emotions and do not allow their problems to dictate how they live their lives. This is a skill.

So how does a person cultivate happiness? What does it take for an individual to be always happy? It starts with adjusting your mind-set. Happiness is a state of mind and gratitude is the foundation for happiness! You will never find a happy person who is not a grateful person. So if you want to be always happy, simply choose to be more grateful. Choose to be more appreciative. Believe that everything that happens in your life happen for your advantage – truly believe it. And no matter how bad you think things are in your life, always remember there are people out there under worse situations who are moving on with their lives.

The simple truth is that only you can determine the quality of your happiness.

It’s completely in your hands.

Written by Kaycee Okuma
© Kaycee Okuma ...Changing lives; 
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