"I'm Sincerely Sorry" – Nollywood Actress Apologizes After "Stealing" From Friend

A Nollywood actress, Malia Hales (Billy Chigor) has apologized after she was caught stealing from a female friend who accommodated her for 2 weeks after being stranded while on a movie set.

Comfort Uduma had accused the actress of stealing from her sister after they had accommodated her for two weeks. She took to social media to call out the actress and narrated how happened.

After exposing her, Actress Chigor has apologized, saying:
"My dear good friend @spiece2102, Nina, I really appreciate so much, what you and your sisters did for me and I am very sorry for the discomfort I must have caused you during my stay in your apartment. Good people like you are hard to come bye, please don't stop helping!! 
I am sincerely sorry for misplacing your Bluetooth and deep down me, I would want to reach you privately for a reconciliation. Thank you and God Bless you!!"
They say she stole it and left their home without anyone knowing. She said she misplaced it.