Just Imagine: Woman Walks N*de In Poland To ''Boost Fellow Workers' Morale

Nothing some won't do for attention. Many have reacted with anger after footage emerged of a woman parading around her office with no clothes on, saying it's to ‘boost morale’.

The stunt at a call centre in Warsaw, Poland, is believed to have been set up by her boss because she wanted to motivate her staff. Wearing only sunglasses and boots she went around the office in scenes reminiscent of the Wolf of Wall Street. Her boss is said to have paid her to perform for her workers. 

After the clip leaked, she has left her job out of shame.

According to Metro UK, reacting to the video clip, Mossad said: ‘No values, money rules this filthy world.’ Buu said: ‘The world is ending… people behave like animals for what… for a piece of paper they sell themselves, lose their dignity and respect. Sad and pathetic'.