Lady Beaten by Boyfriend Few Weeks after Their Engagement

A young lady identified as Thelma Dennis is currently hospitalised after she was roughly beaten by her fiance, just few weeks after they got engaged. Read the sad story...

As shared by Liberian Facebook page: 

"A young Liberian lady name Thelma Dennis who lives in Seoul, Korea was beaten mercilessly by her boyfriend ( Transportor Richards) who she got engaged to few weeks ago, and this is her message to everyone:"

I know this is the trending topic out there right now for you guys that are using this moment to gossip and Say so much.. spraying videos and picture of my life being taken by someone who have repeatedly abuse women for so many years.. which I later found out but I would not let this stop me and don't you guys ever think that this will bring me down instead I am here thanking God for my life that I even have the opportunity to be a part of you guys spreading my abuse pictures so I am posting this up in memories for all the women who lost their lives to domestic violence but God spare mine to be a voice for them.. these are my pictures you don't have to share them because I am sharing it with the world to put an end to domestic violence no woman should ever live with such a man that would do this to her.
He is responsible for his actions not me and he would be the one paying for it and he would be brought to justice so don't waste your time trying to spread rumors or gossip because I am right there with you.