Lady swallows condom on 'client' during police raid to destroy evidence of her prostitution

A desperate lady in fear of being sent to prison quickly pulled her client’s condom off his manhood and, guess what? She swallowed it whole to try and destroy the evidence.

The 48-year-old Vietnamese national named Dang was found guilty of perjury after misleading police following a crackdown on s*x workers in the area.

She was jailed for lying to a court in Western Taiwan after claiming that she did not have s*x with her client, identified as Yao.

Ms. Dang will not be punished for trying to destroy evidence because the condom was never found.

Police raided the ‘health spa’ at 9pm on March 14 and found her in a room on the first floor. She and Yao were questioned separately on prostitution charges and Dang denied any illegal activity.

However, her client admitted they were ‘halfway through’ having s*x when police smashed their way in through the front door and said that Dang quickly removed the condom.

Officers searched the room after finding a condom wrapper and later reported that she was constantly asking for water.

She was taken to Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung City where scans revealed a ‘shadow’ in her chest, which police believed was the condom.

Doctors said the woman – had she really swallowed the condom as suspected – risked having the rubber lodged in her upper respiratory tract or somewhere in her digestive system, which would require surgery to extract in the future.