Man travels abroad to meet wife, she turned him to 'houseboy' for men sleeping with her

This is sure like one of the crazy scene you see in Nollywood movies but this time it happened for real to a Nigerian man whose wife, Chiazor became something else when she traveled abroad.

The man, Mr. Ferguson (surname withheld) who went to see his wife, has been forced to abandon her and return home after he discovered that she was trading her privates for money in Dublin.

According to PM Express, Mr. Ferguson pleaded with Chiazor for him to return to Nigeria because he could not withstand the sight of men coming to sleep with her for money.

The Abia State-born Ferguson recently returned to Nigeria, swore never to remain married to Chiazor and now wants to marry another woman. But their is problem.

The couple used to reside in a rented house at Ajao Estate, Lagos before the wife travelled to Dublin, Ireland for greener pastures, while Mr. Ferguson who was a clearing agent stayed back in Nigeria.

It was gathered that while the wife was abroad, she used to send containers, vehicles and Euros to her husband who usually remitted back some money to her and then spent the rest on properties.

However, when Ferguson’s business was no longer booming in Apapa, Lagos he informed his wife that he wanted to join her over there. It was gathered that his wife had advised him to stay back in Nigeria and she will be sending money to him to invest.

But Mr. Ferguson continued to pile pressure on her until she processed his papers and facilitated his movement to join her in Dublin.

After Ferguson had settled down, the wife told him boldly what she was doing there and told him that since he chose to come over against her advice that he had to bear whatever was happening.

It was gathered that Ferguson was turned to a house help. Chiazor never introduced him as husband, and his work was serving the guests who visited his wife for s*x.

When Mr. Ferguson could no longer bear the mess, he pleaded with his wife to allow him go back to Nigeria. The wife initially refused and seized his passport as she claimed she had warned him not to come over. However, she later released him after she got pressure from her own family.

Mr. Ferfuson is back to Nigeria. When PM Express contacted him, he confirmed that he was forced to return to Nigeria and he had planned to marry another woman because he would not want to continue with Chiazor.

But a member of Chiazor’s family who got wind of his plan, and insisted that since Ferguson claimed that he was no longer interested in marrying Chiazor (because of her prostitution), that they will return the dowry he paid on her. 

He however said that Ferguson should be prepared to hand over all the properties he had bought from the money and stuff Chiazor had been sending to him. How will they separate his his money and her money from the house? Sigh!