Married Woman Said To Be Dating 7 Men Caught In The Act

Mercy fall on the man who married this one as a wife. A cheating Mbare woman’s s*x chats have been exposed with indications that she also pimps several other women for "clients".

37yrs old Mildred Tsvanhi’s chats were exposed by her sister-in-law, Prudent Mhumhi when she left her phone with her by mistake to go seek medical attention.

Mildred is married to Prudent's brother, Andrew Mhumhi, 42 in Zimbabwe.

Chats with men and her n*de pictures sent to the men were seen Prudent went through her phone.

The married woman also acted as a facilitator for "runs" between several other men and women.

But the woman, Mildred claimed she's single and that she separated from her husband 4 months ago.

“I’m no longer with Andrew. How can I cheat on my ex-husband? We separated in June this year,” she said.
According to HMetro, the two are actually married even though Mildred moved out of the house.

“She is my wife and I customarily married her in 2002 at her home area in Chiweshe and I do not have any pending arrears with my in-laws.

“I cannot even explain why my wife chose to move out from the family house we used to stay from the day we got married.

“In the chats I found out that she was dating Raymond Manjoro manager at Mwamuka Service Station where I’m also employed.

“There is Admire who is based in South Africa, Judah and Brighton, these ones I don’t know them. [No wonder] she was now giving me s*x once a week."