Missing Popular Lagos Man Shares His Scary Encounter With Ritualists

13 days after Ganiyu Adisa, the popular clock repairer in Egbeda area of Lagos was declared missing, he has returned home. “Ganiyu is back, he has come back home”! 

That was Hakeem, the Islamic cleric of the Egbeda Central Mosque, exclaiming on the phone when he called to inform Bounce News of the safe return and an end to the trauma for family and friends.

Alfa Hakeem as he is popularly called could not contain his joy as he was narrating how the missing Ganiyu, suddenly re-appeared after 13 days.

Ganiyu was said to have come to work on Thursday, October 20 full of life and with big expectations.

How was he kidnapped?
The 35-year-old resumed at his duty post in front of the Egbeda Central Mosque, Lagos, like every other day hoping for the best.

Ganiyu, who is also an Islamic cleric, had a customer who came to have his wall clock fixed. He gladly asked the customer to sit down while he got to work.

Few minutes later, Ganiyu stopped, looked at the customer and said “Oga, I have to get to Iyana-paja to get some of the parts for your wall clock.”

In a twinkle of an eye, Ganiyu dashed off while informing his co-traders and the customer that he will be back in a bit.

That was the last they saw of him as he never returned to complete his assignment.

Everyone waited for his return as minutes turned into hours, hours into days, but it seemed they were waiting for Goddot.

Hakeem while narrating what happened explained that Ganiyu entered a disguised commercial bus operated by kidnappers along the Iyana-Iba to Iyana-paja axis.

"As soon as Ganiyu entered the bus, he became unconscious, dizzy and slept off". He was kidnapped alongside some other unsuspecting passengers and taken to Ogbomosho for ritual purposes.

Ganiyu and others were there for days without knowing what fate had in store for them.

Somehow (due to prayers), he said after 13 days, the kidnappers took Ganiyu and dropped him along a bush path somewhere in Osogbo.

Perhaps he did not qualify for what they intended to use him for or his head was too strong as they say in local parlance.

Speaking further, Hakeem said, “Ganiyu was charmed as he did not how he got to the bush path in Osogbo. All he remembered was that he entered a bus going to Iyana-Iba.

“As soon as the kidnappers dropped him and left, he regained his consciousness and found his way back to Lagos”.