"My Ancestors Were Shipped To US For Slavery, I'm Coming Home" – US Based Nigerian

An African American man from Abia state has said he's visiting Nigeria next year after being based in the United States all his life. David Love who is a US citizen, said his ancestors were captured and shipped to America for slavery and worked on a plantation.

See more pics and read what he shared online;

I am African American but my ancestor was captured and shipped to North America for enslavement. It was here that my ancestor survived on a slave plantation in Virginia so that I might one day return to my homeland. I am descended from the Igbos of Umuahia and my clan is within Umuopara. 
My DNA has been connected my distant cousin Obie Uwadineke who is from Umunwanwa. Mazi Ikem C. Eronini has provided me with the clothing so that I can dress as an Igbo man. I am returning 2018 to visit.