'My Brother's Wife's Pastor Exposed Her As The One Blocking Her Husband's Progress"

Personally I also know someone in this same mess at the moment but even the wife has forgotten that it was what she and her mother did to the man she wanted to marry then that has affected him.

Engaging in acts that are not Biblical come with consequences. Read the story by Short:

"My elder brother has been married to his wife about 14yrs now, the marriage is blessed with 3 boys.
His wife is not the kind of woman a lot of men will pray for but no one is perfect. My bro tells me things about his marriage that he won't even disclose to our parents, I am very close to him and he always seeks my opinion.

His wife is a devoted Christian...
She attends almost all d church programs and never misses Church service every sunday.

They had a program in d Church and she invited the husband. My brother went to the program and the Pastor called him out and told him that God wants to bless him financially more than he will ever imagine but there is a voice crying to God not to bless him.

The pastor called the wife out and said that she is the one making her husband not to be blessed cos she thinks a lot of money in his hands will make him to misbehave, and the wife said yes.

The pastor now asked my brother to promise that if God bless him with this huge amount of money will you promise not to misbehave and he said yes... the pastor now asked his wife to reverse the prayer she has been praying against her husband right there inside the Church so that God can bless him and she did.

Since that day my brother became restless, he couldn't believe that the woman under his roof is d one praying against his progress. He told me that he wants to divorce her so that he can be free from her negative prayers.

I don't really know what to tell him."