"Pastors, Not Musicians & Comedians Deserve To Live Well" – Nigerian Life Coach

Some will sing.. 'shake bum bum', 'oya roll your waist', 'baby pull over', 'I want your body on my bed' and they are living large. But one fellow didn't see it necessary to advise his so called "Sheeples" to stop using their hard earned money to buy such songs or attend such shows.

Many pastors left their jobs due to the demand of ministry. And like I said a day or two ago, even in the Bible a woman built a house for a Prophet. So, a Pastor is not a license to suffer. God called you to bless people, and it's only a fool that you will bless and wont look for a way to bless you too.

Anyway, a life coach, Allison Bisongs Hyacintho, has weighed in on the 'mess' created by OAP Freeze with regards to Tithe and Offering and how pastors should live or not live. 

Read what he wrote below:

“When you go to church today and feel the AC blowing through your wig into your skull, know that you are eating out of your tithe. 
…when the bass guitarists, the keyboardist and other guys on the drums are delivering some good music during praise and you’re dancing everywhere and removing your coat, uncle they pay those guys working for God, know that you are eating out of your tithe. 
… Most Sundays you don’t go to church because you depend on nepa to iron your cloths, it is the same thing in the house of God, we don’t depend on NEPA to power the church, we pay for fuel and diesel, so when you go to church today and enjoy uninterrupted worship, know that you are eating out of your tithe. 
… If you go to church to charge your phones and you grudge about tithe, well, your case is different. 
… When we invite Pst Nathaniel Bassey to lead you in worship to our God, it is not his trumpet he will eat when he goes back home after ushering the Holy Ghost into your life with his ministration, it is not halleluyah challenge his landlord will eat, we give them minister’s gifts to support the work God is also doing through them, it is the meat that you have stored in God’s house that we use to feed them. So when Travis Greene comes from the UK to raise the roof in praise and worship dance very well because it is your tithe. 
Who deserves to live in lekki? The pastor that feeds you daily with God’s word or Timaya that adds nothing to your Christian faith
Who deserves to drive the best cars? Your pastor glorifying God or Iyanya winning waist with half-n*de ladies
One witch somewhere will just be vexing for nothing that we are giving to advance the kingdom, you grudge when asked to donate to a church project, you grudge when asked to pay tithe. You think it’s your squeezed 50 Naira that makes you comfortable in worship at church
Witches campaigning for people not to pay tithe to God when they cheerfully pay Millions for a table for 5 at AY shows. Witches!!!”