PDP Moves for Strong Merger With New Party to Defeat APC

As part of its preparations for the 2019 General Elections, the PDP may have concluded its scheme on how to work with other opposition political parties in a bid to tackle the ruling APC.

The Nation's assistant sditor, Dare Odufowokan, reports: 
If feelers emanating from the fold of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is anything to go by, then the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led Caretaker Committee of the party may have bowed to pressures being mounted by some leading chieftains of the party who strongly feel the PDP needs to collaborate with other opposition parties if it is to achieve its aim of displacing the ruling APC from Aso Rock in 2019.

Talks about the possibility of the former ruling party merging with other political parties to form a mega party that can defeat the ruling APC in the forthcoming 2019 General Election have been on for a while with some of the suggestions put forward generating controversies within and outside the party. While a good number of party chieftains are enthusiastic about the merger, some are pessimistic, calling for some of the suggestions to be discarded.

According to reliable party sources, following months of extensive deliberations over an earlier proposal submitted by one of the numerous committees instituted by the Caretaker Committee, when it took office, to the effect that the PDP should seek alliances and mergers with other political parties and platforms ahead of the 2019 General Election, the party now appears ready for merger talks with willing political parties.

The Nation gathered that as part of efforts to reposition the PDP and make it more formidable, the party will soon open talks with some identified parties and groups across the country with a view to either enter into political alliances with them or absorb such parties into the PDP to form a stronger political opposition against the ruling APC.

“It is true that our party will be seeking some forms of collaboration soon. Plans are at top gear for a merger between the PDP and a number of political parties and groups in Nigeria ahead of the 2019 General Elections. There are also talks about alliances with some other parties and groups. There are even some socio-cultural organisations, which now want to work with the PDP to ensure that the APC is chased out of government in the country.

“The discussion over the issue has been on for a while and we all agreed to keep it guarded to forestall any smart move by our opponents. But recently, those who want us to explore the options of alliance and merger convinced the leadership of the party and it was agreed that the PDP should open its doors for other parties and groups to come in or work with us. The talks should start immediately after the convention baring any change in plans,” a party source said.

“One major bone of contention between the groups of those who want the merger and those opposed to it is the name of the party. There are those who strongly feel the PDP should not change its name for any reason. These are the people opposed to merger talks. They strongly feel the PDP’s name is a brand that shouldn’t be thrown away for any mega arrangement,’ a party source added.