Profile of Pof Moji Christianah Adeyeye - New DG of NAFDAC

Professor Adeyeye is the founding Chair of Biopharmaceutical Sciences and Professor of Pharmaceutics and Drug Product Evaluation at the College of Pharmacy, Roosevelt University in Schaumburg, Illinois.

She was Professor of Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing for 21 years at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. She is Senior Fulbright Scholar and Specialist and 2008 AAPS Fellow.

She earned her B.S., and M.S., and PhD from the
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria and University of Georgia, Athens, GA, respectively. Her research interests include preformulation, early phase development of solid, semisolid and liquid dosage forms, and IND-based and intellectual property-driven late phase development or bench-to-bedside translational research.

She has mentored over 15 PhD and M.S candidates. She has 5 patents, 55 peer-reviewed manuscripts, book chapters and books, and more than 140 scientific presentations.

She is the founder of a socially conscious start-up company – Elim Pediatric Pharmaceuticals. She uses her university lab for the early phase R& and partners with contract manufacturing organizations for the clinical and registration batches.

She a mission and non-profit organization founded Drugs AIDS and HIV Patients and Sarah’s Orphan Homes.

Elim Pediatric Pharmaceuticals Inc.
June 2017 – Present (6 months)
• Thirty years of experience in quality drug development, adaptive formulation, clinical trials, and associated regulatory requirements.
• Fellow of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (2008) and Nigerian National Academy of Science (2016)
• Developed anti-retroviral (HIV/AIDS) pediatric fixed dose combination (FDC) and received intellectual property (patents) on the formulations in UK and South Africa through her previous institution (Duquesne University, a Catholic Mission University)
• Successfully filed investigational new drug application, and familiar with filing new drug application
• Expert in translational clinical research
• Develops pediatric medicines for sickle cell disease and malaria
• Conducts basic research and clinical trial on complementary and alternative
• Consults as expert witness in patent litigation, and for pharmaceutical R&
• Trains young scientists in preformulation, pharmaceutical drug development (liquids, semi-solids and solids), pediatric dosage form design, material characterization (excipient characterization, drug-excipient interaction) - solid and liquid state, and clinical trials.

Chair of Biopharmaceutical Sciences and Professor of Pharmaceutics and Drug Product Development
Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy
May 2010 – August 2017 (7 years 4 months)
• Provided evidenced-based leadership in Biopharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) Department of College of Pharmacy at Roosevelt University
• Recruited and populated BPS with respective faculty with low faculty turn-over
• Development and oversight of department courses and curriculum
• Formed 25-member Research Advisory Council (RAC) with appointment as affiliate faculty members in the College of Pharmacy. The Council members are from big pharma, mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies from around Chicagoland
• Maintained a monthly departmental meeting and publishes annual departmental newsletter
• Developed research infrastructure
o Built four research labs and one teaching lab
o Initiated intramural research grant opportunity for faculty
o Led collaborative co-sponsoring of MS Biotech graduate students in thesis-driven research between BPS faculty and Biology/Chemistry/Physical Sciences department
o Created linkages for research opportunities for faculty through several local companies and institutions in Chicago
• Served on the University Senate, Senate Executive Committee, Tenure and promotion committee (UFPC)
• Member of Roosevelt Board of Trustees (2014-2017)
• Serves nationally on Professional Associations, Editorial Board and Reviewer at NIH
• Serves internationally as visiting professor, research collaborator (basic and clinical) and external examiner
• Consults as expert witness

Duquesne University
1989 – 2010 (21 years)
July 2003 to 2010 Professor of Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing Science, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

July 1994 - June 2003 Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing Science, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

August 1989 - June 1994 Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing Science, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Graduate Student
University of Georgia
1982 – 1988 (6 years)
Graduate Studies in Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy