Publiseer, A Startup That Is Disrupting The Face Of Digital Publishing In Nigeria

Publiseer is a digital publishing platform for independent Nigerian writers and musicians who are seeking for ways to sell their books and songs on the Internet. The platform helps writers and musicians attract new fans that rely on well-established brands like Amazon, Google Play store and Apple store to drive their book and music discovery experience. 

Publiseer helps Nigerian writers and musicians sell their books and songs on over 400 online stores across 100 countries, and the platform is free, so writers and musicians don't have to worry about paying any publishing fees. Publiseer is planning to make Nigeria a better place by providing a free and quality digital publishing solution for young and budding Nigerian writers and musicians who don't have the resources to publish their works.

Competitors like BookBaby and CDBaby, publish books and songs by charging their writers and musicians, but Publiseer provides the same quality digital publishing solution for free. The platform has been reviewed by numerous media outlets like The Nation Newspaper, Pulse.ng, Techpoint.ng, IT News Africa, Disrupt Africa, Innovation Village, Tech Gist Africa, Tech Moran, Inventive Africa, and The Spirited Hub. Publiseer's mission is to sell the creativity of Nigerians to the rest of the world and to promote the beautiful Nigerian culture through written words (via books) and spoken words (via songs).

"The success of a business is built upon the vision and hard work of the founders and the effort put in by the team players. Both the founders and their employees play a vital role in the foundation of a startup company. Everybody is needed to build a solid foundation, from the top managers to the little ones, even the interns. Nobody is negligible. That's the mentality we have at Publiseer. We believe that everyone matters in our growth, especially our clients," says Chidi Nwaogu, co-founder of Publiseer. 

"Most startups fail because the team members are not passionate about what they are doing. Passion drives a startup better than a financial incentive. If a startup only sets out to make a profit from day one, then the startup has failed from the very beginning. A startup should be more focused on solving an immediate need. Profit comes after a good reputation, and that’s what we are building at Publiseer, a reputable digital publishing platform that Nigerians will be proud of."