Senator Adeyeye wants allowances of all politicians reduced

The senator representing Osun Central Senatorial district, Olusola Adeyeye, on Wednesday called for a reduction in allowances of all political office holders in Nigeria, including senators.

The senator threw the red chamber into a rowdy session when he made this remark while speaking on the 2018 budget appropriation.

The budget has faced series of criticisms from the lawmakers since the start of the debate on Tuesday.

Adeyeye said the allowances of all politicians, including senators, must give way to make the budget realisable.
“If we are all going to complain, let’s face it,” he said. “I don’t want deficit budget. If we don’t want it and we want to slash the budget of N8 trillion to N4 trillion, some things must give way including the allowances of all politicians.”

This remark was followed by shouts of ‘it begins with you’ from Senators as they urged Mr. Adeyeye to take the lead in the recommendation.

‘Yes, I agree,’ he replied.

“I’m just saying that there is no gain without pain and we all know it. I agree with you, beginning with me, I agree.

“Here in this place, weeks after weeks, we create new entities that will consume more money at a time when we know the revenue is not increasing. Even this N8 trillion that we are talking about, I bet you, all of us, including myself will go and ask for more things for our constituency, where do we want the money to come from?

“If we are going to face the truth, we must face the truth together.”