USA Forum Honours Prince Kazeem Eletu-Odibo As Outstanding Nigerian Philanthropist, United Nations Ambassador

US-Nigeria Legislative & Executive Leadership Forum, on Saturday November 18, in Washington DC, USA, showered huge encomiums on the chairman, Kazeem Royal Properties Ltd, Prince Kazeem Eletu-Odibo as "Most Outstanding Philanthropist in Nigeria" by the US-Nigeria Legislative & Executive Leadership Forum for his community achievement in human development capacity and philanthropy.

As if that was not enough, he also bagged a United Nations ambassadorial title from the Convenant International University and Seminary. Having been conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Degree (Doctor Of Philosophy), he will now, henceforth, be reffered to as "Ambassador Dr Prince Kazeem Austin Eletu-Odibo"

The awardee, having thanked his admirers and orgainzers of the event, via his official Facebook page, Kazeem Royal said: "Both recognitions are somewhat special as it reminds me how far God has brought me. It reminds me of those struggles and hustles. Much more, it reminds me that no situation is permanent. It may take time, but it won't always be dark.

"So I want to encourage someone out there who is going through hard times. No condition is permanent. Destiny may be delayed, IT CAN NEVER BE DENIED!

"I dedicate this awards to God Almighty for His Faithfulness, to my loving mother, to my family,to all Kazeem Royal Staff, to all my well wishers who came with me to America, to all who stood by me those days," he said.

Read the Prince's full speech below:
Dear Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, please permit me to stand on existing protocol.

It is indeed an honour to express my profound gratitude to the organisers of this event who carefully selected me for this international community award.

Today, reminds me again of my growing up. You probably would have seen in my profile that I was born into a royal family but it was unknown to me for many years. Hence, I had to do all kinds of menial jobs just to survive. I was only two years old when my father passed on and my mother took me to a suburb called AJEGUNLE (it means wealth is here) but it is indeed a paradox. However, as a child I had a strange belief that one day I would be wealthy but I couldn't tell how. I couldn't steal or cheat anyone for a living. I was just like every Nigerian child born into what I presumed was poverty and I wanted to have a great future.

I attended a press conference in Lagos in respect of this meeting and I stated without mincing words that I am very much aware that people and or organisations receive awards because of their affluence but my case is different. I didn't pay for this. Instead, I believe that it was because of my little contributions that have been recognized.

I have traveled thousands of kilometers, flew over several mountains, oceans, rivers, lands and cultures to a country many people wish to visit, truly God’s own country. I am indeed honored by this kind gesture and I would like to accept this award as I trust it would further motivate me to do even much more.

In conclusion, I want to dedicate this award to two categories of people. First to my lovely mother who raised me up single-handedly. And two, I dedicate this to every Nigerian child who has a dream that someday Nigeria, Africa will be a better place and the world at large. I want to say also to my Creator, thank you indeed and I want to draw as always some inspiration from the national slogan of the United States of America: In God, We Trust. In God, I trust. I will keep impacting many more lives positively as I journey through life. So, help me God.

Thank you very much indeed.

Prince Kazeem Austin Eletu Odibo