Woman strips, molests man in public, saying he's "S*x Pest"

A woman humiliated a man before a crowd with an outrageous display. In the clip, she pinned him down in the street, stripped off and rubbed her br*asts on his face, calling him 's*x pest'.

But the man kept telling her to stop, telling her he's not the one, saying he 'was out shopping with his wife and has done nothing wrong.'

Alas, the footage shot in Ribeirao Preto city centre, south-east Brazil, is an anti-s*xual harassment stunt by the ConfluĂȘncias group.

According to the group simply used an innocent married man to pass their whatever message.

Director of ConfluĂȘncias group, Fausto Ribeiro, said: 
"We wanted to expose and address something that happens every day to our sisters and female friends. 
'This was meant to challenge people's perceptions and empower women with the shock tactic of retaliation. We wanted to force men to think more responsibly about their actions and the consequences."

Can a man do such to a lady without her concept in public and they won't call for his head? Sigh!