High Speed Trains Arrive Nigeria From China (Photos)

Some sets of high speed trains said to be among the fastest in Africa - have arrived Nigeria. The trains were received recently at Lagos Port, months after some Nigerian delegates inspected the rail coaches in Nanjing, China. The rail coaches were inspected on September 12.

According to reports, the 10 standard-gauge trains were ordered by Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) in May this year. They have adopted Chinese standards, and will be the fastest trains running in Africa, with a design speed of 160 km/h. Operation speed could be as high as 150 km/h.

The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) Nanjing Puzhen has finished 10 orders for six African countries so far, including Nigeria.


  1. Olu are you there?
    Out dated tokunbo, bend down select.
    In this era, 21st century.

  2. This are pure Tokumbo trains from China. Please do not be fooled by the claim about the trains being high speed trains. There are certainly not.You should know that the standard guage lines that are being constructed in Nigeria are not adapted for high speed trains.The highest speed of these trains is 120km/h. Whereas, Morocco is testing trains that can go at 280km/h.

  3. I don't get your observations.... When we didn't have functional trains we complained, now we have trains that are perceived to be slow we r lamenting. What exactly do we want?

  4. time will tell

  5. Nigerian government will not go unpunished welcoming this outdated train. Come to South Africa and their gautrain. They have shared huge amounts of money to get this nonsense to the citizens. God will reward them


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