Nigerian Lady Gets Brand New SUV After Sowing Her Car As Seed In Church

When some see people progressing or living happy, they deceive themselves by saying "so so person didn't pay tithe and did not do anything special, so why are they doing well and I'm not?" But did you know what the mum or dad or grandparents of that person has done in the past?

First thing you should know is that, over 75% of successful people are not rich by their efforts, but by Unmerited Favour. They have same 24 hours like you, do same businesses people are doing, most times they are not even educated beyond secondary school of maybe first degree.

What's different? Why are some even with PMP, MSc, PhD struggling? People can be blessed into their generations. People can cursed into their generations. Mystery! I will reveal more later.

This lady sowed her car as a seed during Thanksgiving and she's just got something better:

"My lovely friends and families, please join me thank this faithful God that never fails, just on Sunday on our harvest thanksgiving God told me to sow my car as my thanksgiving seed, and it is not even up to 7 days, one of my lovely daughter in the lord came back from US and she said God told her: 
'mummy I should change your car'. I really want to thank my lovely daughter that did this, and my great apostle David Obuks, that came to bless me and my church. Thank you Jesus for all your goodness."