Nigerian Man Rescues Wife From Committing Suicide, After She Spent Money Meant For Their House Rent

A young wife who carelessly spent the money her husband kept with her, which he planned to use for their house rent, almost commit suicide but was rescued by her husband. 

Below is how the husband chronicled the incident;

"My house rent expired last month, so I told my landlord to give me till the end of December to put myself in order because I was thinking of travelling with my family.

Before then, I gave my wife 75% of the house rent to keep pending when I will complete it. I just received a call from my office today that salaries are being paid today, besides I am on night duty so it will be till evening before I will receive mine.

I asked my wife to get the money ready that I am going to complete it today to enable me pay the house rent tomorrow against the deadline which is on 24th of this month, only for her to tell me that she has spent the money on our feeding.

I got angry and yelled at her and called her close friend to ask her where she kept the money. There’s no day I don’t provide for the family, so how come she spent the money on the family?

So after all said and done. I got angry and went out with my 1 year old daughter to cool by temper with a bottle of [something]. Then entering the house I saw her hanged herself. So I rushed and echoed for help...