The Lord Convinced Me Tithing Was Right – Pastor Adeboye

I didn't want to say anything about Tithing again because if you are a true Christian, you do not need someone to convince you to give your Tithe. You can give your Tithe to charity, but it's not sustainable, hence we give it to church as a central point to use it for same purpose.

Making money this modern day is what is making some Christians doubt why they should pay Tithe as they see people who are not Christians and not even serving God making it and living large. But if you study the Bible, such did not start today. You can make money without serving God, as a matter of fact, it is easier to make money when you are not serving God, because you can do just anything for money, including running a house for prostitutes, selling hard drugs, doing Yahoo Yahoo, sharing photos of n*ked ladies on the internet which many people love to click, doing show biz entertainment where ladies dress scantily to entertain people on stage while worldly musicians perform, etc.

You can even get a job in an oil, telecoms or other similar companies where the pay is good.

Before I share what Pastor Adeboye said, let me tell you why you should pay Tithe:
Your relationship with God. Knowing that you didn't bring yourself into this world and you are not aware of when and how you will die. You can't even work to make money if you are not in good health. You are not better than those who are on hospital bed for months while doctors are battling to even identify what is wrong with them. You are serving God and should obey his words, even if unbelievers are making money without giving Tithe. You are not in a competition with unbelievers. Eternity in FOCUS!

The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor EA Adeboye, has spoken again on the raging tithe controversy sparked by controversial On-Air-Personality, Daddy freeze.

This time he said God himself convinced him that tithing was right for Christians.

Recall that in a previous reaction to the tithing controversy, Adeboye warned Christians against the dangers of non- compliance to paying of tithe.

However, the cleric, on Sunday, 3rd December, 2017 edition of his Daily Devotional, titled: “Open Heavens”, said the command to pay tithes on one’s earnings simply places a demand on the Christian to trust God.

Writing on the topic, ‘Tithing Is Trusting’, Adeboye said: “To experience exploits in your life, you must have a personal relationship with God. You must believe that He lives and love Him with all your heart. You must also learn to trust in Him.

“The command to pay tithes on your earnings simply places a demand on you to trust God. Your response to this command shows the level of trust you have in Him.
“If you can pay your tithes correctly, it shows that you trust God for your livelihood, but if you find it difficult to be faithful in doing this, it simply shows that you trust more in your earning than in God to sustain you.

“After I became newly born again and we were taught to pay tithes, I laughed and said in my mind, ‘These people do not know that I am a mathematician. If 100% is not enough for me, how can 90% be enough after I have paid 10% as tithe? Thank you very much! Even though these people are not educated, they still want to use their smartness to take 10% of my income from me. Let them try and take it’.

“However, down the line, God convinced me by Himself and I observed remarkable changes in my life.”