Woman Tortures 12-Year-Old Girl In Lagos

Domestic Violence... you only hear such words when a woman is at the receiving end. But almost everyday women (both the educated and uneducated) attack, batter and injure young boys and young girls who are under them for one reason or the other.

They say, any man who raises his hands on a woman is a beast; no matter what. Good. But, surprisingly, no one has found a suitable name for women who batter teenagers under them like criminals; some cut their body with blade, some break their head with iron, some put broom stick into their manhood, some lock them in their house for 2 weeks while traveling to feed on biscuit and water, etc. The pictures are all over the net.

These acts of wickedness are getting too much. And here's another one;

12-year-old girl, Favour Israel, has narrated how she was allegedly stripped naked and tortured by her mistress, one Mrs. Oshiaha, in the Somolu area of Lagos State.

Israel, who hails from Nkporumo Local Government Area of Anambra State, told Punch that the mother of three had accused her of stealing money.

She alleged that after the torture, she was sent out of the house to find the missing money, adding that she slept outside the house.

She was later assisted by some worshippers at a branch of the Deeper Life Bible Church, who handed her over to social workers with the Lagos State Government.

It was gathered that Israel was the first of five children and she had been living with her parents until they separated.

After a divorce, her father was reported to have had an accident which damaged his leg.

Unable to take care of the children, the father was said to have handed her over to Oshiaha, who reportedly promised to take care of her and send her to school.

Israel claimed that since she arrived at the suspect’s house on Ayoade Street, Somolu, she had faced continuous maltreatment and abuse.

She said, “On Thursday night, she came back from the market and said her money was missing. I told her that I didn’t know what happened to the money. She sent her first daughter to go to buy a cane. She told me to lie down on the ground and removed my clothes. She flogged me despite my insistence that I didn’t steal her money. She chased me out and told me not to return until I find the money. I went outside and slept outside the gate.”

Israel said she wanted to return to her father due to the abuse.

A worker with the Deeper Life Bible Church, Akinlolu Ayobami, told Punch that the church was having a prayer session when the victim strayed in.

He explained that after the programme, she met him and asked for help.

“She said she had not eaten for about two days and I had to get food for her. This was around 11am on Friday after we finished the programme. She said she was wandering about when she saw the signboard of the church and joined us,” he added.

It was gathered that another member of the church alerted officials of the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender who sent social workers to rescue Israel.

The matter was said to have been reported to policemen at the Somolu division, who arrested the suspect.

A social worker told our correspondent that multiple marks of floggings were seen on Israel’s body, adding that she had been taken to a government shelter.