Armed Robbers Who Broke A Wall To Steal Expensive Phones Caught in Delta State

Two dreaded armed robbers have been caught after they broke into a wall to steal expensive phones from a businessman in Agbor area of Delta state.

It was gathered that the incident happened on the night of December 31st while the businessman and his family members were sleeping. They woke up on the 1st of January to behold the shock.

The businessman revealed that the armed robbers apart from stealing expensive phones also destroyed the show glass and other valuable properties in the shop. However, while they tried to forcefully open a safe in the shop, the armed robbers got injured with their blood splashed on the floor.

Expressing happiness to God for disgracing his enemies, the businessman said: 'God reveals to redeem for those that loves him. I am grateful Lord."

Also praising God for exposing their enemies, the businessman's sister added: "While men slept, they chose to go rob my brother's shop for the second time in 20 months!

They were bent on ruining his business again and their blood were spilled everywhere in the process.

Yesterday, they were caught and paraded round the town of Agbor. I'm so happy!

For all that was stolen, we are set to recover. Somebody praise God!"