Girl Kidnapped At RCCG’s Holy Ghost Night Rescued

Ogun State Police Command has rescued three years old girl, Patience Francis, and arrested the suspect.

Patience was abducted at the Redemption Camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in July 2017 during her monthly Holy Ghost Congress but rescued on December 29.

The suspect, 28 years old woman, Anuoluwapo Joshua, was said to have stolen the girl to meet the persistent demand by her husband to bring the child of a pregnancy she claimed to have had for him.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the arrest of the suspect, said the suspect stole the baby during the monthly Holy Ghost congress of the RCCG when the victim’s mother went to pack her clothes at the Children's church.

“The mother of the child reported that the child was stolen by an unknown person when she went to pack the children’s clothes in the new auditorium where she had gone for prayers with her husband. All efforts to know the whereabouts of the child since then proved abortive.

“Luck however ran out on the suspect on the 29th of December when the child was sighted inside the youth center at redemption camp during the Church organized children’s end of the year party.

“On receiving the information, the DPO Redeemed division SP Olaiya Martins led detectives to the center where they waited until the end of the program when the suspect came out to pick the child and was promptly arrested.She has since confessed to the crime.

“She admitted that she lured child out of her parents sight and took her to Ofada area where she has been taking care of the child since then. Investigation further revealed that the suspect had earlier got pregnant for somebody in Lagos but traveled to the north where she claimed she has delivered if a baby girl.

“But when she came back from the North,she didn’t come with the baby which made the man who impregnated her to put pressure on her to bring his child for him.

“She later informed her relatives that she was going to the Nasarawa state to bring the child but went to Redeemed Camp where she stayed for some days before succeeding in stealing the child which she presented to her relations as her daughter,” Abimbola stated.


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