HELP! Urgent Appeal For Financial Donation

I've tried to do this alone for some time now but I can't just meet up the increasing numbers of financial support requests all by myself anymore.

Almost on a weekly basis, since I became a Pastor, I receive messages and calls from people, both those I know and the ones I do not know, asking me for money to meet urgent family bills, pay little fees, take care of their children as single mothers with no husband, etc.

I can no longer do it alone. I'm worried, especially the cases of the single mothers who have no one to help them and they don't want to useless themselves by sleeping with different men for money.

We have government in this country and we have big churches who realise Millions and Billions every Sunday from Tithe and Offering, BUT most of them focus on PROJECTS and only render help during festive seasons or special outreach. Such is not enough.

The BIBLE says the Poor will always be in our midst and it's our duty to help them stand, not just to give them small rice and N2,000 during festive seasons.

PLEASE, I'm making a special request for Financial Donation from everyone who reads this. Any little amount you can use to help these people (they are our brothers and sisters) in need, kindly send to my account details below. I will be doing this a day every month, and after one or two weeks, I will publish whatever amount you send and also publish how it was shared with the names of beneficiaries.

Of course, it is not by force to help. If the Lord puts it in your heart to be a brother's and a sister's keeper, send the amount you can to:

Olumuyiwa Famous

May the Lord bless you and keep you from falling...Amen!