Interesting Ways To Simplify Your Life This 2018

A busy schedule and cluttered life are getting in the way, and it’s time to do something about it. If you’re feeling weighed down, dump some of your stress.
This year, make it your goal to scale back. Replace your hectic agenda and worries with simplicity. But how do you even begin?

Simplicity Is Stepping Back 
When things start to pile up and you’re feeling stressed, what do you do? Do you work all hours of the night to catch up, frosting 50 cupcakes for the school bake sale while also writing thank you notes for the gifts you got last month? Getting things off your list can feel good in the end — but if you’re working so hard to get it done, is that little check mark worth it?

Focus on the things that matter
If your mind is on a dozen other things, how can you truly devote time to living His Word? We must focus on the things that matter, rather than allowing distraction to lead us astray. Are you missing out on time with family and friends, or letting work seep into your free time? Even worse, is your busy schedule distracting you from God?

Know when to say yes – by listening to God’s voice We have much to learn from Mary, mother of Jesus, who fully submitted herself to God’s will. Life in Mary’s time wasn’t easy, but she put His call before any of her own desires. When she was approached with the message that God’s will was for her to become pregnant, Mary didn’t question His plan. She trusted Him and simply said ‘yes.’ Her faith didn’t mean she wouldn’t suffer hardships or have to navigate complications in her life — but she knew her path was guided by God Himself. Mary’s faith was returned with the privilege of birthing Jesus into this world.

He has a plan for you, too. Are you listening?

It’s not all about saying ‘no’ — you also need to know when to say ‘yes.’ Approach God in prayer and ask Him to lead you. God will show you what He needs from you. Before you fill your calendar, ask where He may need you to leave a little space open for Him.

Prioritize relationships 
Pay attention to the relationships you work to sustain. If nights out with acquaintances are too much work with too little gain, think again before saying yes.

But, hold on to your Christian community — they’re there to help lift you up. We are reminded of this at Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Prioritize those mutually beneficial relationships with those who encourage you in His service, and watch how you all flourish.

Find spaces of alone-time to give to GodFind simplicity in your routine. Rather than complaining about how stressful your life is, give it to Him. Spend your commute talking to Him rather than listening to the radio. Savor the solitude of quiet time with God. Take refuge in daily prayer or Bible journaling sessions. Where do you place the most value? Look at where you are over-extending yourself. Do you know your limit? God does. Have you asked Him about it lately?

The "Slow Down” Strategy 
Slow down. Reschedule a meeting, take your time with a project, take a nap. Or, say no. Don’t allow the hassles of everyday life to get in the way of living how He intends. Ask for God’s guidance when you’re considering taking on a new project or if you need direction.

The "Reconnect" Strategy 
Reconnect. Take your newfound quiet and reconnect with yourself, your family — and most importantly — with Him. Nothing should get in the way of prayer or time spent in His Word. Stop trying to be perfect. Just be you, because He takes us as we are — flaws and all.

Source - Day Spring