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This is a donation system/platform that you cannot compare or equate to any other because it is much more reliable and faster.

Ordinarily we pay you 2 times the amount you donate but presently we have a promo/bonus running for the next 14 days and during this period, we will pay you 3 times the amount you donate. Is that not awesome?

You can get 300% of your investment within 48hrs - 72 hours. For instance, If you invest N150,000 in one member, three other members will pay you N150,000 each, making N450,000. If you invest N20,000 in one member, three other members will pay you N20,000 each, making N60,000.

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But if you invest in the bitcoin bundle, you will be paid four times your investment, for example if you invest 100 dollars, 4 people will donate 100 dollars x 4 to you making 400 dollars.

We pay out millions on a daily basis as we have enough reserve in our coffers. We do not depend on investors to pay you but on the money allocated from the foundation. Do you want to miss out just like that?

Interestingly, you have direct contact with the admin once you send a mail.

You do not have to refer anyone before you earn or get paid, but if you choose to refer anyone then you will be paid referral bonus in addition.

You do not need a laptop or computer, a phone with internet is okay.

You will be paid referral bonus if you refer investors.

You can have as many account as you want to and invest any amount you want to.

If you have any complain, send a mail to
complaints@unstoppablefunds.com and we will rectify and resolve immediately. 

Send normal mails to 

If any of your donors refuse to pay you, we will replace him/her with another until you are paid.

We are here to stay.

We have a name to protect as we are being funded by a foundation, so you are guaranteed payment.

We respond to mails immediately.

Here are proofs/testimonies of people who have been earning http://www.unstoppablefunds.com/proofs.htm
Yes people will always talk bad about donation platforms because of the past and the issue with money, but please do not listen to anyone, follow your instincts. We were not all born the same day and the same way, so we will not die the same day and the same way.

Not everyone wants your progress, always think and act. Nobody looses money on this platform, no one has lost and no one will ever loose.

You can also choose not to donate but just refer people and be paid, so that you really see how genuine it is.

For referrals use this link http://unstoppablefunds.com/referrals.htm
For questions, send mails to request@unstoppablefunds.com

Payment is done everyday including Saturdays and Sundays.  Join us on http://www.unstoppablefunds.com/theway.htm

Go to www.unstoppablefunds.com to learn how it works.

Thanks for taking your time to go through this. Why are you throwing money away when you have the opportunity of making the money grow within 48 hrs? Why do you doubt so much when it comes to investing money?

If you have an intention of spending maybe 20,000 today, please wait before you spend it, do you know that once you spend it, it is gone forever? But do you also know that you can invest that 20,000 naira on unstoppable funds today and then receive your first payment of 20,000 naira in less than 48 hrs based on the special, and then spend it on what you want to spend it for, you will then be paid another 40,000 naira same day or the next which will now be your profit. 


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