SCARY! Passengers Injured As Abuja-Frankfurt Flight Drops To 5,000 Feet

A scary incident have been experience by Passengers on a Frankfurt-bound flight after the airplane suddenly dropped to 5,000 feet as if it was about to crash. 

Passengers inside the LH595 flight, operated by Lufthansa airline, which left Nigeria’s capital Abuja for Frankfurt, Germany, at about 11.15 pm on Sunday, were thrown into despair when the airplane suddenly came down midair to 5,000 feet from 35,000 feet.

According to a report by PT, trouble had started shortly after takeoff when the plane suddenly descended as though it was about to crash, throwing the entire passengers into despair.

While speaking to the online newspaper, a passenger said the aircraft crew declined to make a stop at a nearby airport in spite of pleas from passengers.

The passenger said: "When the incident occurred about a few minutes past one hour into the flight, many passengers fell down, others were injured and many had some of their valuables fall from where they had them placed."

Narrating the horrific further, the passenger recounted that due to the fear, they could not be served food and drinks neither could the crew members attend to other welfare concerns.

He said the airline claimed "the incident was due to a combination of bad weather and faulty engine", adding that it was not caused by human error.

It was gathered that pon arrival in Germany, there were ambulances and fire fighters waiting to attend to the aircraft and its passengers who, according to the source, had become “almost dead”.

Efforts to speak to the management of the airline proved abortive on Tuesday morning as several calls placed to the communication desk were left unattended to while no reply was supposed to an email sent to the airline.