N13.5m Allowance For Senators:: Falana, Others Slam Senate

Prominent Nigerians and groups on Sunday took a swipe at the National Assembly over the N13.5m running cost being paid to senators.

The Campaign for Democracy (CD), senior lawyers, including Mr. Femi Falana, Mr. Yusuf Ali and Prof. Itse Sagay, in separate interviews with The Punch also commended Senator Shehu Sani for the disclosure.

Sani had, in an interview with TheNews, revealed that each senator received N13.5m monthly as running cost apart from the N700,000 consolidated salary and allowances paid to each of them.

Sagay said Sani’s revelation had vindicated him on his criticism of the lawmakers.

Sagay said. “I’ve always said they earn too much. This figure by Sani does not include constituency allowances, which is in billions of naira.

“We still have budget padding from which millions are made by them. By the time you put all that together, you can see that these people are collecting a huge chunk of the Nigerian budget.”

The CD, in its reaction, said the N13.5m running cost per senator could employ hundreds of graduates in the country.

The CD President, Usman Abdul, in an interview with The Punch, said the huge earnings by the senators contributed to the bastardisation of the economy.

He said, “You can take good care of over 100 graduates from a senator’s salary. The legislature should deliberate on the abject poverty and unemployment in the country.”

Also speaking, Lagos-based lawyer, Mr. Jiti Ogunye, said Sani must be commended for his courage.

Ogunye said, “What Senator Shehu Sani said has confirmed the long-held fears of Nigerians that Nigerian legislators, both at the state and national levels, have been short-changing Nigerians.

“They are not expected to use that elevated position to serve their own interest at the expense of public interest. They are not expected to allow their self-consideration to override their commitment to abiding by the law.”

The Vice-President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Monday Ubani, said Nigerians must demand a review of the lawmakers’ earnings.

Ubani said, “It means that Nigerians have not been getting a fair deal from our legislators. If a single person will be earning that kind of money in a country where the minimum wage is N18,000; something has to be done. We need to insist on a review of these jumbo allowances.”

The Executive Chairman, Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, Mr. Debo Adeniran, said Nigerians had a right to be displeased because they had not been getting a fair deal from the lawmakers.

Adeniran said, “The outcry wouldn’t have been if the legislators have been living up to the expectation of their constituents. Nigerians don’t see the lawmakers as people who are representing their interest.”

Falana said Sani’s revelation had proved that Nigerian legislators were the highest paid in the world.

Falana, in a statement on Sunday, said, “Apart from the monthly package of N13.5m, each senator is given the opportunity to execute constituency projects to the tune of N200m per annum. However, the disclosure made by Senator Sani does not cover the allowances for cars, housing, wardrobe and furniture running to several millions of naira approved for each senator.”

Also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yusuf Ali, said the allowance was insensitive given the state of the economy and the minimum wage of the workers in the country.

He said, “Even if there were no mass unemployment and if the economy were buoyant, such allowance is totally unrelated to our circumstances; it is very insensitive.”

The Head of Abuja office of Social Action, a non-governmental organisation, Mrs. Vivian Bellonwu-Okafor, said the revelation was another sad commentary in the history of political offices emolument in Nigeria.

A former Managing Director of Unity Bank Plc, Mr Rislanudeen Mohammed, said there was no justification for the N13.5m monthly pay.