RIP! Policeman Dies A Day Before His Promotion Was Confirmed

This is quite sad! May God save us from anything or anyone that will "end" us before our glory. Amen!

The family members of a police officer, Lawrence Kolawole Alawode popularly called Ekpo are in a state of mourning following the unfortunate death of the policeman.

According to Ishola Iyabode Olajumoke, Ekpo died after suffering from an undisclosed sickness. The painful part of his death is that he died on Wednesday, March 21st, while his promotion letter was released on Thursday morning.

Writing about the sad news, Ishola said: "The last time I saw you at Oyo west police station, I did not recognized you, until u said Iyabo se kosi. I totally shocked when i read the name on your uniform. You narrated what lead to your ailment, I promised to checked back on which I did just once cos I could not stand your sight. Egbon may your creator b pleased with you n forgive your short comings. Rest in peace Alawode Kolawole Ekpo."