Shock As Nigerian Mother Confesses In Church To Cursing Her Own Daughter's Womb

This story tells you how some women can be going to church, carrying Bible like true Christians but they are actually terrible demonic agents, causing damages to their children's life and to anyone who gets involved with their children. Such women are often members of big churches where the Pastor or Bishop hardly sees "Spiritual Operations".

A Nigerian identified as Michael Ose George-Ukhuegbe, has taken to social media to share a heartbreaking story of what a mother did to her own daughter.

Read the shocking story below;

“A colleague told me at work: A woman in Nigeria wanted to visit Israel for Pilgrimage, a week before leaving, the church Pastor said if there’s anybody in the congregation who’s planning to travel to Israel for Pilgrimage, they should go and make peace with anybody they may have hurt or else they won’t return alive.

"After service, the woman picked up her phone called the daughter who lives here in London then started confessing and apologizing to her and seeking forgiveness saying that she placed a curse on her womb among other juju she did.

"She said the daughter has forgiven her. It takes God to be able to forgive. I was like, her own daughter? The lady in question is a friend to my colleague. This happened some few days ago! 

Only God sees the heart of those who cover their faces with the pretentious veil of ‘Christianity in public while they go behind to sacrifice chickens to idols!”

This is a reality in some families today. The Right Prayer is key!