"Why I Want To Be President"

A public affairs analyst and founder of 150 million Nigerians for Change, Daniel Akinlami, has declared his intention to vie for president in 2019.

He spoke yesterday when he registered as a member of United Progressive Party (UPP).

Accompanied by some friends, Akinlami, who was received by Mazi Mike Okereke, the Lagos State Chairman of UPP and other executives of the party, said after careful considerations and research into several political parties in the country, he decided to pitch his tent with the UPP because of its ideologies and vision.

His words: “ I want to serve my nation and I believe i can give visionary leadership where you wont need to beg for anything. There is a move orchestrated by God and you can see it going round the nation. Everybody is asking for paradigm change. Even the so called cabals, the ex-generals are also asking for change, people want alternative. There is nothing that is happening in the nation without the knowledge of God.

“I got involved in the 2015 election to run but when something happened and I decided to pull out and prepare for 2019 because we knew President Buhari is a one term president and he can’t offer Nigerians anything. We have paid him his entitlement and he has to go” he said.

“The high and mighty will be demystified, even those who in Aso Rock who seems to control the DSS, who sent spy everywhere to monitor every political party. God will demystify them. Those that has been suppressed, their voices will be loud, restructuring will happen. We will raise the bar in governance, we will bring accountability to governance. I want you to be prepared because God asked us to form an alliance with the South East and when we are done we will move to South South and when then campaign start, we will take a shot at middle belt”.

“We are not rebuilding Nigeria with corrupt money or blood money or Dasuki gate. We are going to build Nigeria with our sweat, we will give you a visionary leadership where you wont need to beg Buhari or Osinbajo before they go and visit the parents of the kidnap girls in Dapchi or the crisis in Taraba State”

“I want to assure you that we will take campaign of restructuring to every nook and crannies of Nigeria. We need restructuring for this country to move forward. I hope we would not allow ourselves to be deceived again. This country has been run by government of deceit. Their restructuring is the more you look the less you see. This deceit has been going on for too long. We don’t have structure and the structure of governance is not right, that is why there is a clamour for restructuring. Regrettably, we have a president, who rejected restructuring, and attributed it to people who wanted to secede, and dismember the country.”