Young Man Shares Story of How SARS Almost Damaged His Eyes

A young man has given thanks to God following a nasty incident with operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

He also shared photos on social media with one of his eyes covered with a plaster and wool.

Below is how he reported the unfortunate incident: 

"Can you see SARS almost break my eyes this evening but I thank God I survive.

“I was passing when two SARS men grabbed me from the back. They told me to raise my hands so that they could search me.

"I told them that before they searched me, they should allow me to search myself so that nothing incriminating would be planted on me.

"They disagreed and began to search me. They brought out only my handkerchief. As one of them wanted to put it back into my pocket, I told him to hold on because I did not want him to add anything to it.

“As I did that, a wrap of hemp fell. When that happened, one of them quickly picked it. They ordered me to enter the car they brought, but I refused.

"A crowd gathered and asked where they were taking me to. Four of them began to drag me and I asked them what my offence was. As they were dragging me, I struggled with them.

"They stripped me n*ked and began to pull my manhood, but I did not relent. I refused to follow them because I believe I did nothing wrong.

"Two of them later brought out machetes and rifles. I told them that if they wanted to shoot me, they should go ahead because I was sure I did not commit any offence.

"As we were struggling, some wraps of Indian hemp fallen off their pockets. They used the machetes to cut my body and tried to handcuff me; but I told them they could not handcuff me."

Many people have condemned the SARS operatives for their brutality.