Man Who Already Shared His Will Miraculously Healed By Female Prophet From Kidney Infection

It was an impactful service on Sunday after Mr Chidi Ijomanta was miraculously healed of Kidney infection that kept him bedridden since January, 2018. 

The married man who lost hope of recovering from his ailment had already shared out his properties after been admitted to the hospital for over 2 months. 

Ijomanta was discharged from the ho‎spital on Friday, 20th April, after all medical effort failed to resuscitate him. 

While on his way home with his wife helplessly, he suggested to seek for prayer from Prophetess Faith Aigbe of Christ Restoration Bible Church International in Abuja.

The Prophetess who is the spiritual daughter of‎ Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin‎, met Mr Chidi at the entrance of the church. He dejectedly tabled his health situation to her, and she prayed for him, immediately the kidney patient, rejected from the hospital, got his healing.

Both Mr Chidi Ijomanta and his wife were at the Christ to testify and celebrate the miraculous healing. 

To God be the glory.