Why Many Young Couples Are Failing In Marriage Today

A lot of young people, especially ladies, are claiming not to know that ADULTERY is a ticket to Hell Fire. Social media is making many young married ladies sleep around for money recklessly these days. Are they sleeping with themselves? No, with men. The Bible states it very clear; "Any man who sleeps with a married lady is committing Adultery with her" and both of them are heading to the same place. All those doing this, just know you are destroying your Eternity. It's up to you.

Here's the words of a Nigerian movie producer; 
"I don't want to sound like a prophet of doom, but many of we young people of this generation don't understand what marriage is all about. We love the idea of marriage but we are truly not ready for the journey. It's scary, the marriage institution in Nigeria is now built on faulty foundation and more marriages are packing up in just a few weeks of wedding than ever.

The only solution to a happy marriage in this generation is to go back to our parents (the decent ones who succeeded in their marriage) and ask them how they were able to do it successfully.

Unfortunately, many youths, particularly the female will tell you that the marriage ideas of their parents are obsolete and they will rather go with the modern trend, which is where the problem begins."
- Gbolahan Adetayo