Billionaire Otedola takes a ride in Lagos ‘Molue’ bus (Photos)

One of the richest men in Nigeria, Femi Otedola, was one of the passengers in a commercial bus popularly known as Molue on Lagos road.

Molue is notorious for the unusual ways operators jam-pack passengers, with less people sitting and more people standing, packed like sardines.

Though the BRT buses were fully air-conditioned and comparatively cheaper than Molue, with no standing or noise pollution occasioned by hawkers that sometimes make Molue ride a bumpy one, the spirit of Molue overcame many administrations’ attempts to phase it out.

Otedola did not tell his followers the reason for his unusual decision to take a ride in Lagos’ ol’ Molue. But he recently took public bus abroad, hence he probably took same here to satisfy some social media critics.