Soldier Appreciates God For His Life After Serving 4 Years Fighting Boko Haram

An emotional soldier, John Oden has taken to Facebook to thank God for saving his life during the four years and four months he served in Maiduguri fighting Boko Haram terrorists.

In an emotional post he shared on social media, Oden appreciated the Lord for his life as he returns home to his wife and children. His words;

"When I first entered Maiduguri in d early month of 2014, after my first 3 months, I asked myself if I can ever make it back home alive? But when I remembered the thought he had for me where thought of good and not of evil, I said to myself ,I know that I can make it ,no matter what may come my way my life is in his hands, and one day I asked myself when was I going to set me free from this blood socking land of maiduguri ,

God took me to the book of habakku 2 vs 1_3 and truly that appointed has come and he has finally kept to his promises after four years , four month (4yrs 4mnt) truly no one is like my God ,he is my healer, he is my keeper ,my way maker,my life giver ,he picked me from the miry clay and set my feet on the rock to stay,

My promoter,my defender ,great God, massive God, only you has the finale say and it only what u say that comes to pass,the all wise God who swallows what swallow an elephant, you are the tiger that appears and put the antelope on a run,who can say it when my God has not said it ? Who tell my God what to do? for ever and ever u changeth not ,u have no Comparison, Glorious warrior ,the God who says and does, even in your silence, you still has the finale say ,

My source of confidence,the God that tread on thorns comfortable, you are the wind that cannot be trapped, the wealthiest God, who can say when u are not don talking? Great God you have consoled my heart, the God that consoled the offended ,see how you have set me free, see how u have delivered me, thank you Jesus , 

Finally God, pls guard and protect those I have left behind the same way u kept me alive for my family mostly my lovely wife and mother ,it was all like a dream but u made it come true , for that had always made me their prayer point God bless u all, because if not for u guys hmm only God know where I would have been by now but God use ur prayers to set a poor boy like me free ,save and in sound health. 

Thank u all God bless u all and your family , mostly to godfather pst Debola Ajagunna."