Strange Moving Object Found Buried Deep Under 5-Storey Mansion

Oh dear! We live in Nigeria where evil is common, even people going to church and clapping hands with you are Demonic Agents who can destroy you if you're not a strong Christian. This is reality; it doesn't matter if you believe or not.

The recent tragedy in Onitsha, the commercial hub of Anambra State, where diggers exhumed a fetish object at Egerton Street, buried deep inside the floor of a 5-storey mansion is an eloquent testimony that the world is full of evil and the more you look, the less you see. The object contained in a pot of clay according to the diggers was running around as they tried to exhume it. What!!

They also said that the pot containing the mysterious object was making noise as it moved from one end of the pit to another. The diggers, who did not want their names in print, said: “We are here to dig this place for the installation of overhead water tank. We have digged almost 20ft before we stumbled on this object. We raised an alarm when the object started shaking and subsequently rolled from one end of the wall to another.

“This attracted the attention of passersby as we scampered for safety. The man, who contracted us was not in the house. We managed to over-power the object and that is what you see there, near the white bucket in a clay pot.

"We have to make sure we complete our job and collect our money because whatever was buried here was not our portion and not for us”, one of the diggers said.

Some of the passers-by alleged that most mansion in big cities are built on top of some devilish objects.

A man, who gave his name as Pastor Dickson Onuma, disclosed that in the course of his evangelical missions, he had been used to exhuming fetish objects, in families, shops, and private home. Sometimes, they will exhume casket, human skulls and so much more.

“You don’t know what this was meant for but believe it or leave it, is for devilish intentions.”

Some tenants can live in a house for up wards of 20 – 30 years. They will continue to expirience hardship, impotency, poverty and what have you. Unless you give your life to Christ, you can’t survive this situation,” the Pastor warned.

Another man said some bury their witchcraft in their houses and tenants will continue to pay house rent without any achievement.

“There are some places where one will live and children will be dying one after the other.

"These things are real and this will serve as an eye opener for those who witnessed this today. However, there are those who do this to protect their lives, especially the occult men and women.

"So, this is not peculiar to the Igbo people. It is seen mostly in every other part of the country.”

Meanwhile, all efforts by New Telegraph to speak with the landlord of the house proved abortive.

For three consecutive times, this correspondent visited the house, there were indication that people have deserted the building, as only very few children were sighted at the second floor of the 5-storey building hanging at the corridor, looking innocently at the bewildered members of the public, who cluster near the building discussing in low tone and pointing fingers at the house..

A vulcanizer, who works in front of the house, said that he only sighted the landlord once since the incident happened but it seems he has travelled. When asked if he knows if he took the object away, he said ‘no’ but the object is no longer there. He said that some of the tenants in the house have also not been seen as before.

“I don’t know about them but I have not seen some of them drive in or out as they used to do before that thing happened. I am not their gateman and I can’t speak for anybody, sir”