3 Ways to Influence Others for God

Influence: the ability to have an effect on the character, behavior, and development of another person.

Whether you know it or not, we all have influence. Yes, even you.

But how are we using our influence? 
You see, as followers of Jesus, before anything else, our influence should be all about Him.

Instead of being about ourselves, or our platform, business, bank account, or whatever else—instead of just being about us—our influence should be about Jesus.

So how to do we influence others? I’m glad you asked!

Here are three practical ways to influence others. Not for ourselves, but for Jesus:

1. Choose them. 
If we truly want to influence someone for God, we first need to intentionally choose them.

When it comes to truly and fully influencing another person for God, we need to first intentionally choose a few certain people.

2. Teach them. 
We need to use our words to teach someone about Jesus if we want to influence them.

Okay, so this is great, but you might be thinking, I’m a brand new Christian. How could I ever teach someone else?

Or, my life is so far from perfect. What could I possibly share with someone else?

Not to mention, I’m a mechanic, or a banker, or a college student, not a teacher or a pastor, so how could I teach someone?

My response? When you think about teaching don’t picture a classroom. Instead just picture a conversation.

3. Show them. 
If we want to influence someone for God in a lasting way, we need to use our actions and show them.

Practically speaking, how do we do this? By intentionally living life with people. Giving a few people access to our lives and making them a priority.

Maybe it’s praying for the person this week. Or even praying with them.

Maybe it’s getting together once a week or once a month and just talking.

It could be showing them how to read the Bible.

Influence people for God, don't get carried away by the mostly nonsense trending on social media. Everyone will have their rewards - sooner than you think - either in Heaven or in Hell.

[written by Adam Weber]