Are There Things Bothering You? How to break the cycle of worry

Did you know that the word worry actually means to strangle or torture? Worry begins when we ask what if questions about uncertain situations we can’t control. Without knowing how things will turn out, we tend to answer those what if questions with the worst-case scenario endings. 

Research tells us that 85% of what we worry about won’t actually happen, but that doesn’t stop us from worrying. How many times have you played the awful mental movie in your mind imagining the worst-case scenario that never happened? We’d think that would stop us from making up mental movies in the future, but it doesn’t, even when those movies wear us out.

I identify four different types of worriers and how they act out worry in their lives:
A. Silent Sufferer: Stuffs her worries deep inside and doesn’t talk about them. 
B. Mother Hen: Often nags others to try to reduce stress and anxiety. 
C. Busy Body: Constant activity because unfinished tasks or projects create stress and worry. 
D. Control Freak: Maneuvers or manipulates others in order to reduce inner anxiety.

Which one can you relate to? No matter what kind of worrier you are, I think you already know this: Worrying doesn’t work. Like the old saying goes, worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. Jesus pointed this out to us long ago. In Matthew 6, he was talking to a group of people on a hillside. I think Jesus knew there were all types of worriers standing and listening to him that day. In verse 27 (NLT), Jesus challenges us with the following words:

“Can all of your worries add a single moment to your life?”

Worry steals the best and precious moments of our lives.

Worry keeps us from enjoying the company of our friends because we’re worried about appearing smart enough or successful enough.

Worry steals our best moments at work when we experience a great day because worry plants insecurity, a fear of failure in the future in our minds.

Worries steal our attention away from our children because instead of focusing on reading them a story or just looking them in the eyes, we’re panicking over unpaid bills or relationship drama.

Can I offer you a suggestion if you’d like to win over worry and reclaim the best and precious moments of your life?

Learn to pray by yourself so that when you seek help, it would be easy for a Pastor to intercede for you:

Dear God, I’ve been a worrier for far too long. However, I don’t want to let worry steal the best and precious moments of my life. So, God, I give you my worries today. I know that You are with me and for me in every circumstance, real or imagined. I don’t have to fear the future because you are with me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

[written by Barb Roose]