Lucky Young Man All Smiles After Undergoing Surgery To Remove Massive Tumour On His Face

A young man who had carried a really large tumour on his face for a long time, has finally had some respite. Identified as Bernard, he has been given a new lease of life.

He finally underwent surgery to correct the deformity and now has a reason to smile again...

Bernard was operated upon on the Mercy Ships, a group of hospital ships which are staffed by talented volunteers from around the world and helping to give people new lives in developing nations.

In a tweet, Mercy Ships explained that Bernard was ecstatic when he learned that he was going to have surgery.

'Nineteen-year-old Bernard didn't let his neurofibroma stop him from dreaming big!

“When I was told it was possible to have surgery, I had a feeling of euphoria I can’t even explain!” 

Thank you for helping make incredible transformations like this possible! #globalsurgery"