Marriage That You Password Your Phone & Hide It From Your Spouse Is A Fake Marriage

Evangelist Uncle Sola has declared that a marriage where one spouse gets to lock his/her phone so the husband or wife can't access it is a Yahoo Marriage.

What I will add to this is that; 
Majority of failed marriages today between couples in their 20s, 30s and 40s is traced to this NONSENSE social media fuelled craze of getting involved in secret dirty chats and pictures with ex-lovers and new lovers, which leads to Adultery, despite being married.

When you live such an irresponsible life, there is no way you won't desperately LOCK your phones with double passwords and hide the passwords from your spouse.

It is now an established fact that many people in this generation do not have due regards for marriage as an institution created by the Almighty God. Fornication and Adultery is being celebrated like an award on social media in our generation and misguided people are hailing. How sad!

To those relishing in this mess, your money, fame or anything you have or are getting that is making you think morality is not important can't help you when your end comes. Just so you no!