Pastor Infected With Ebola Survives, Returns Home

A Christian cleric who was infected with the dreaded Ebola virus has survived, with many of his admirers thrown into hysteria and giving thanks to the Lord.

Identified as Father Lucien Ambunga, Catholic Priest and Pastor for the remote rural community of Itipo in DR Congo, he returned to his parish on 8 June, after recovering from Ebola.

Last month, after he got infected while praying for an Ebola patient, he was taken to the town of Bikoro where there is an Ebola treatment centre. His bishop visited to pray for him. He eventually got well and has been certified ok.

When he returned to Itipo on Friday, he was greeted by a joyous crowd, who carried him on their shoulders and chanted “The hero this year is Courage (Father Lucien's nickname).”

He stressed how happy he was to be back. “I can’t explain to you now... It’s too much for me,” said Father Lucien. “What I can say, what is in my heart, is joy.”