Woman who Jumped into Lagos Lagoon was an Adulterous Wife?

Stories trailing the woman who allegedly parked a Ford SUV on a bridge in Lagos and jumped into the Lagoon to end her life, are pretty sensational at the moment.

Sources say she's a married woman who was neck deep in adultery. According to reports sent to this platform, she was sleeping with another man and even the children she had for her husband, have question mark.

Worst still, the man she was committing adultery with allegedly defrauded her of millions and messed her up with her n*ked pictures...

Her husband was said to have discovered the truth and all her Sinful Life came crashing, hence she couldn't live with the shame. Another source said the man she was sleeping with has distanced himself from her, because he's also married.

According to a security source... 
"The vehicle that was parked there belongs to a former employee of Interswitch, who, according to the organisation, was very much alive.

We have made efforts to speak to him regarding the incident but his wife said her husband had been traumatised following reports on social media that it was the owner of the vehicle that committed suicide.

She said he cannot take his call. So, we have not been able to get facts. Despite the absence of reliable facts, we are carrying on with search and rescue.”

Lagos State Police Command also yesterday said it had commenced investigation into the report.

Command’s Spokesman, Chike Oti, a Superintendent (SP) told NAN that though the police had not received any official report, they were already making efforts to find out the true story.

“There is no official report yet. It is the news making the rounds. However, our rescue team is searching, divers and Marine policemen are working. Investigation is ongoing, findings will be made public please,” he said.