Woman Who's A Witch Falls From Sky & Lands On Police Barrack In Delta State (Photos)

It's good that this nonsense happened in police territory, otherwise Nigerian Police officers would have tried to dismiss the incident, claiming that the woman did not fall from the sky and even help her lie that she's just mentally unstable.

In Nigeria and many parts of Africa, a lot of people are under the bondage of witchcraft, struggling without progress, etc., yet many are pretending like these things are not real. Sorry!

A woman said to be a witch after reportedly falling from the sky and landed at the Sapele Police Barrack, has confessed...

She has been charged to the magistrate court over the incident.

A Nigerian lawyer who reported the matter on his Facebook wall said: "This Woman is a witch, she got stucked and landed at the backyard of a woman police officer in the police barrack Sapele. She is in court this morning for arraignment.

"At the time of filing this information she is already in magistrate court 1 Sapele waiting to be arraigned.

"She confessed to the witchcraft act that she was (flying) to Amukpe Sapele to kill one of her brother called Fregene, that her fuel finished suddenly and that landed her on woman police officer yard in police barrack Sapele. 

"After arraignment she will be taken to the appropriate place to purge her of her witchcraft power."

Another eyewitness, Ilechie Collins also shared the woman's photos and confession video and wrote: 
"Happening Now: This woman fell from the sky this morning in Sapele Police Barrack to the surprise of everybody. I saw her live."