9 Nigerian Ladies Trafficked To Russia For S*xual Slavery Freed

A Nigerian man and his wife who have been holding 9 Nigerian ladies in s*xual slavery have been busted in Moscow, Russia.

Some of them were brought to Russia during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, when entry procedures at the border were eased for tourists.

The ladies reportedly go through witchcraft (juju) where they were put under a curse if they do not pay.

The ladies believe the couple paid around $50,000 to get them to Moscow, and they work for years by having s*x with thousands of clients to pay off their debt.

Activists from both Russia and the United States, committed to eliminating s*x trafficking around the world, found the women and tried to convince them to leave.

The women finally agreed to leave, but the price for their 'freedom' turned out to be too high.

The husband and wife are facing deportation or prosecution.