Loaded Car Plunges Into River After Somersaulting 3 Times

A young Nigerian man identified as OG Jonni, has expressed thanks to God for being alive after the car he was in got involved in a horrific accident.

He revealed that the accident occurred after the driver tried to avoid a tanker driving towards them...

"This is Thanksgiving of amazing grace, wonderful grace and bountiful grace, in fact I lack words to express this grace God showed upon me today.

"This happened at the early hours of today along calabar express way, on my way going to calabar with seven humans on it of which all survived including myself.

"Our driver was trying to escape from a tanker which was in front of us of which he noticed late and on doing that, he met another vehicle that was trying to overtake the tanker on this he diverted thinking he was going into the bush not knowing it was a big flowing river he took us to, and this vehicle tumbled down three good times and landed us in that water.

"It is a great thing of joy that God could save a sinner like me from death, I appreciate this all power God that He has put a testimony in my mouth."