Nigerian Lady Cries Out After She Was Tricked, Turned To A Slave

A Nigerian hairdresser has cried out for help after she was tricked to leave her job in Nigeria and travel to Oman to seek greener pasture. However, on getting to Oman, she was turned into a slave...

In a clip making the rounds on social media, the lady who spoke in Yoruba, said Brother Tope told her that her handwork is more valuable outside Nigeria and that if she leaves, she would make a lot of money. However when she got to Oman, it became something else.

''I was deceived to come down here to work but didn't know I was coming to do the job of 4 people. I'm presently ill but not allowed to get myself treated

"My children have lost their father & I'm scared they would lose their mother too. Help me, I don't want to die," she said.