Nursing Mother and Her Kids Arrested After Her Husband Bought A Stolen Phone

A woman was arrested along with her little children in Edo state over an alleged offense her husband committed. It was revealed that the nursing mother and her children were detained at the police station instead of her husband for allegedly buying stolen phone.

They reportedly spent the night in the police station before their release was secured yesterday by human rights activist, Kola Edokpayi (pictured wearing cap).

This is coming after the police issued a warning to Nigerians against buying used phones which are popularly known as ‘London used’ without knowing sources of such phones.

The police in a statement said: “Please, whenever you want to buy a fairly used phone, try to know the source. Avoid using your money to buy trouble for yourself. Some of these so-called ‘London Used Phones’ might actually be stolen phones.

“If there are no buyers, there would be low demand for stolen phones and robbers would cease to be interested in other peoples’ phones”.