Photos Of Dogara Congratulating Saraki After Supreme Court Victory

Speaker of the House of Reps, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has congratulated Senate President Bukola Saraki on his victory at the Supreme Court.

In a statement issued on Friday, Speaker Dogara said he received the news of Saraki's apex court’s verdict with joy.

He said, "The judgment of the Supreme Court today has once again reinforced our confidence and belief in the nation’s judiciary as the last hope of the common man.

As Democrats, this has again reaffirmed the independence of the judiciary as protected by our constitution under the doctrine of separation of powers and principles of checks and balances.

No doubt, the Supreme Court’s judgement will help in no small way in strengthening the independence of the legislature as the first organ of government under our constitutional democracy and presidential system of government.

The almost three years trial has now been finally put to rest and has shown that no matter the allegations only the truth prevails in the end."

He commended the doggedness and fighting spirit exhibited by senator Saraki who refused to be distracted by the long trial and remained resolute and focused on his legislative duties as president of the senate.

Dogara urged Saraki to see the trial as a test to his leadership, urging him to forgive and put it behind.